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July 26, 2017

#133 - The May 22nd Issue of Linn’s was FANTASTIC - We weigh in on their articles on the FIP, Forever Stamps and the stamp auction market.

Welcome to episode #133.  On May 22nd Linn's Stamp News (free plug - this is a great magazine) had three articles that we are weighing in on.  The first is the APS taking the FIP to task (minute 5 marker).  The second is an article on the forever stamp and how stamp collecting is changing the way the post office has to do its accounting.  It also has some pretty strong indicators for the strength of the US Stamp Collecting market (minute 15 marker).  Lastly we address a letter from David Kolls of Regency Superior Auctions and wish our best to him in his plight but take him to task for his opinions (minute 31 marker).



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