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The podcast that is all about stamps, stamp collecting, and postal history, hosted by and made for stamp collectors of all levels..


Welcome to the Stamp Show Here Today NEWS FEED - Covering the news you need to know.

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Welcome to Stamp Show here Today, episode #213.  We discuss articles from the current issues of 100J and Linns.

To subscribe to 100J the email address is ray@100j-grading-newsletter.com.

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Welcome to Episode #204. Have you tried the new Del Taco Plattos? (Shameless Plug)

You can eat one while listening to our discussion on how to put pictures on eBay for the items you sell in order to maximize your chances of selling.

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Welcome to episode #202.  Today we are discussing ways to title your eBay listings to maximize the search and sell through with the eBay algorithm.  Sell more.  Sell faster.  Have a listen.

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Welcome to episode #201.  Today we post the conversations we had at the Orcoexpo Stamp Show in Fullerton California last weekend.



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Welcome to Stamp Show Here Today Episode #189 - Today we will be discussing National Neither Rain nor Shine Day, A secret stamp society that got some steel from the San Francisco Bay Bridge, and younger collectors. We also discuss starting a stamp collection at low cost and upcoming shows. Enjoy.

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Welcome to episode #186.  Today we do a wrap-up of the APS convention in Columbus Georgia which ended last Sunday.  Scott and Mark were there, and they share their observations about the first day ceremony for the Dragon stamps as well as the market place and other tidbits. (1-minute marker).

As a follow-up we also went to and will discuss the first day ceremony for the Magic stamps (10-minutee marker).

We discuss the new issue coming from the Royal Mail for the “Old Vic” which is a 200-year-old theater in London and the subjects are many movie stars – who also were theater stars – GREAT for a topical collector. We then discuss another topical of BEES on stamps.  (15 ½-minute marker).

Lastly, we discuss how to mail your stamps. (26-minute marker)

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Welcome to Stamp Show Here Today, Episode #168. Last week we discussed stamp investing and mister Bill Gross’s upcoming auction sale of some of the best stamps of the United States.

 We, today we go to the other side and discuss Warren Buffett and his brief journey into stamp collecting/investing. So if you are afraid of the “I” word (Investing) curl up with your comfort animal in your safe space and prepare to hear all about the 4 cent blue eagle airmail stamp

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Welcome to Episode #146. Today we talk about the small island of SARK which is in the Guernsey Islands of Britain. Look on a stamp of Guernsey with a map and Sark will be the small island at the bottom, just north of France. So why talk about it? Well this is the last feudal holding in the British Empire and it ended in just 2007. (Minute market 3)

 We also received a nice reference lot from Tony (Check his stuff on eBay at BarneysStamps) – Fake coils and Kansas Nebraska overprints – Thank you Tony (Minute marker 11)

 Lastly we discuss stamp shows and if we had a magic wand.

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Welcome to episode #145. This week we talk about the various types of stamp collectors. Stamp collecting is a huge topic with many different collecting interests. From the classic collector to the historian who wants a relic of history, to the investor (AND YES, we do not shirk away from talking about investing here) stamp collecting offers such a range of interests that it will appeal to anyone.

 Week we delve into the different types (we call the classes) of stamp collectors. (3 minute marker).

 Our guests in this are Rich Specter and Ray Liebermann.

 Ray is also the editor of the on-line newsletter 100J. To subscribe just send an email to ray@100j-grading-newsletter.com

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